What sets you apart from other companies?

For starters, it's our name on the line. We are a family business which means the utmost care is taken to create great experiences for our schools and families. We have an exciting, modern approach to school portrait photography. Our sets are cheerful and stylish and our image quality is top notch. We are professionals but are very down to Earth and easy to work with. Patience and an upbeat, positive attitude makes a huge difference and kids really respond to our genuine approach. We absolutely love what we do and hope that it shows!

How does it work?

About 2 weeks ahead of your scheduled portrait date, we provide you with Picture Day Permission forms. These will be in PDF form and can easily be printed or emailed to parents. We'll also send out reminders/preparation tips for parents the day before the shoot.

IMPORTANT: Parents must sign and return the Picture Day Permission form if they DO NOT wish to have their children's photos taken.

On the day of the shoot we show up early to set up our gear. Then, our two photographers work as a team to groom and photograph each child. Every image is independently evaluated for retouching. Cuts, scrapes and even boogies. Typically, parents are able to enjoy final images in less than a week. We provide instructions on how to view and order the images.

Are parents required to purchase photos?

Absolutely not. We will photograph every child that has permission to have photos taken but parents are never required to purchase the images.

How much to you charge to come to my school?

Having photos taken doesn't cost you a thing! To show our appreciation, you'll even receive a 10% commission of the net sales. We also offer a headshot of every staff member to be used for promoting your school.

How many poses do you offer?

We typically shoot two or three poses per child to try and get a range of images.

When will the photos be ready?

The final retouched images are usually ready within a week for parents to view and purchase.

How should the kids be dressed?

A fun, colorful outfit is usually perfect. We can also provide reminder/tip sheets for parents to take home the day before the shoot.

Okay, how do I start?

Fantastic! We can't wait to show you what we can do. Please contact us to set up a date and time to come and capture some great smiles.

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